About us


Utilis is part of a larger company Banskolija-S which has existed since 1992. The first of our projects in informatic technology began in 2001. In the first years of our work, by 2008 we were mostly oriented in web technologies. In 2008 we decided to share IT services company to set aside and trademark, which occurred in 2008 Utilis. From 2008 till today, we are successfully persisted and offer a much wider range of IT services and products than before. Today our services include: web solutions, software solutions, graphic design, multimedia presentations, customer support and consulting, hosting, and even sales of computer systems.

For the company

In our short existence as a separate part of Banskolija-S, we managed to create a distinctive and recognizable identity and to introduce some standards in the evaluation of IT products and services. We succeeded in it, with a lot of hard work and limited resources. However that helped us and our desire to cooperate with companies that have similar activities with our own. As a result of it, Utilis is currently Bronze Partner of the Slovenian company producing software Datalab and partner with one of the largest companies selling computer systems and components in Macedonia - RiverSoft.


Although we are present in the Macedonian market for a long time, we are still a small company. Our long term plan is to increase the company's employment of professionals and thus to provide better products and services for the Macedonian market. In the present chaos of labor market information which devalue our work. But beside all that our commitment is and always will be the creation of informatic systems with superior quality while adapting to market conditions.